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B2 Logging LLC
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900E SR20
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Kris Boger
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(Note: Size information is now under "NAICS Codes with Size Determinations by NAICS", below.)

Organization, Ownership & Certifications

Legal Structure:
Ownership and Self-Certifications:
Native American, Other Minority Owned, Self-Certified Small Disadvantaged Business, Service-Disabled Veteran, Veteran

Current Principals

1. Kris Boger, Sole Proprietor

“Business Development Servicing Office” (for certifications)

UTAH DISTRICT OFFICE (SBA office code 0883)

8(a) Certification:

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Non-Federal-Government Certifications:

(none given)

Products & Services

Capabilities Narrative:

Full service logging company specializing in dead and dying tree removal, habitat construction and fuel wood mitigation. Capabilities to remove 1 over million board feet of timber per year

Special Equipment/Materials:

Skidders, log loaders, log trucks, feller bunchers, chain saws, chokers, winch line, grapples, hand tools, dozers

Business Type Percentages:

(none given)

Bonding Levels

Construction Bonding Level (per contract)
Construction Bonding Level (aggregate)
Service Bonding Level (per contract)
Service Bonding Level (aggregate)

NAICS Codes with Size Determinations by NAICS:

# Primary? Code NAICS Code's Description "Buy Green"? (1) Small? (2)
1 Yes 113310 Logging   Yes
2   113110 Timber Tract Operations   Yes
3   115310 Support Activities for Forestry
General $7.50m Small Business Size Standard: [Yes]
Special $19.00m Forest Fire Suppression: [Yes]
Special $19.00m Fuels Management Services: [Yes] (4)
4   213112 Support Activities for Oil and Gas Operations   Yes
5   488490 Other Support Activities for Road Transportation   Yes
6   488999 All Other Support Activities for Transportation   Yes
7   532412 Construction, Mining, and Forestry Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing   Yes
(1) By entering Yes for "Buy Green", the firm asserts that it obeys EPA guidelines for environmental friendliness for this NAICS code. Note, EPA guidelines do not exist for every NAICS code.
(2) If Yes, the firm's revenues/number of employees do not exceed the NAICS code's small business size standard.
(4) As seen above, the size standard can depend on subcategories within a NAICS code.


timber reclamation, logging, forest reclamation, firewood, house logs, saw logs, fire mitigation, fuel wood mitigation, low boy, right-of-way clearing, road pioneering


Quality Assurance Standards:
(none given)
Electronic Data Interchange capable?:
[  ] Yes [  ] No

Export Profile (Trade Mission Online)

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Export Business Activities:
(none given)
Exporting to:
(none given)
Desired Export Business Relationships:
(none given)
Description of Export Objective(s):
(none given)

Performance History (References)

(none given)

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