Ford Global Enterprises Ltd. Liability Co.

DUNS 079385270

Vision Logistics Group, The

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Ford Global Enterprises Ltd. Liability Co.
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Vision Logistics Group, The
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1745 Enterprise Dr Ste V101
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Barbara Walthall-Ford
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Organization, Ownership & Certifications

Legal Structure:
Ownership and Self-Certifications:
Black American, Other Minority Owned, Self-Certified Small Disadvantaged Business

Current Principals

1. Matthew Ford, President
2. Barbara A Walthall-Ford, Chief Operations Officer

“Business Development Servicing Office” (for certifications)


8(a) Certification:

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Small Disadvantaged Business Certification:

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8(a) Joint Venture Certification:

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Non-Federal-Government Certifications:

(none given)

Products & Services

Capabilities Narrative:

Ford Global is engaged in helping our clients build a better business process, by establishing clearly defined processes concerning supply-chain realities, flushing out the bottle-neck challenges, and optimizing better opportunities in the area of logistics planning. International Document Processing; Ocean freight Services, Air Freight Material handling, and Supply-Chain Management.

Special Equipment/Materials:

(none given)

Business Type Percentages:

Service (100 %)

Bonding Levels

Construction Bonding Level (per contract)
Construction Bonding Level (aggregate)
Service Bonding Level (per contract)
Service Bonding Level (aggregate)

NAICS Codes with Size Determinations by NAICS:

# Primary? Code NAICS Code's Description "Buy Green"? (1) Small? (2)
1 Yes 488510 Freight Transportation Arrangement
General $15.00m Small Business Size Standard: [Yes]
Special $27.50m Non Vessel Owning Common Carriers and Household Goods Forwarders: [Yes] (4)
2   481212 Nonscheduled Chartered Freight Air Transportation   Yes
3   483111 Deep Sea Freight Transportation   Yes
4   483113 Coastal and Great Lakes Freight Transportation   Yes
5   483211 Inland Water Freight Transportation   Yes
6   484110 General Freight Trucking, Local   Yes
7   484121 General Freight Trucking, Long-Distance, Truckload   Yes
8   484122 General Freight Trucking, Long-Distance, Less Than Truckload   Yes
9   484220 Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking, Local   Yes
10   484230 Specialized Freight (except Used Goods) Trucking, Long-Distance   Yes
11   485111 Mixed Mode Transit Systems   Yes
12   488991 Packing and Crating   Yes
13   488999 All Other Support Activities for Transportation   Yes
14   541614 Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services   Yes
(1) By entering Yes for "Buy Green", the firm asserts that it obeys EPA guidelines for environmental friendliness for this NAICS code. Note, EPA guidelines do not exist for every NAICS code.
(2) If Yes, the firm's revenues/number of employees do not exceed the NAICS code's small business size standard.
(4) As seen above, the size standard can depend on subcategories within a NAICS code.


Freight Forwarder, Global Logistics, Freight Management, Air Freight Management, Trucking, Trucking - Less-Then, Trucking - Full Load, Ocean Freight Management, Freight Consulting, Freight Transportation, Shipping, Logistics, Cargo, Supply Chain, International Freight, Logistics Planning


Quality Assurance Standards:
(none given)
Electronic Data Interchange capable?:
[  ] Yes [  ] No

Export Profile (Trade Mission Online)

[  ] Yes [  ] No [X] Wants To Be
Export Business Activities:
Service(s), Consultant
Exporting to:
Bahamas, The; Mexico; Philippines; United Kingdom; British Virgin Islands
Desired Export Business Relationships:
Other (Please explain below)
Description of Export Objective(s):
Freight Forwarder

Performance History (References)

(none given)

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